AZWINS 2020 and 2022 matches will mimic the WNS matches. The biggest add will be the long range events in conjunction with Captain USIMLT Long Range Team

Map of Ben Avery Shooting Facility.

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Arizona Western Independent National Shoot

Desert International Black Powder Long Range Championship

     March 3rd through March 11th, 2021

     Ben Avery Shooting Facility, Phoenix, Arizona

     Three Categories are: Muzzle Loader, Cartridge Rifle and Vintage Sniper

     All Target Rifle Matches may be shot from any position including bench for competitors                             unable to shoot from the prone Position.

     All shooting each day from one firing point, no firing line changes.

     No match provided target pullers.  Competitors will pull targets.  Pit change after each relay.

     Muzzle Loaders and Cartridge Rifles Black Powder or Pyrodex only

     Cartridge Rifle Competitors cross sticks, wrist rest and/or sling, Vintage Sniper Sand Bags only,           Muzzle Loaders USIMLT Rules

     Shooters Meeting 7:45 AM each day at designated firing line

March 3rd & 4th, 800 & 900 yards long range target.

  1. Two 15 round strings for record each day, 1.5 hour relays for two shooters.
  2. Cartridge Rifle and Muzzle Loaders unlimited sighters, Vintage Sniper Rifles three sighter shots, first hit on paper is first sighter shot. Sighters are not convertible.  All shooters must declare when going for score.
  3. Cartridge Rifle & Vintage Sniper allowed Spotter/Scorer
  4. Muzzle Loaders, USIMLT Rules, self spotting and scoring, first hit on paper first recorded sighter shot, up to five convertible sighters, reverse count. May snap caps and load barrel during preparation period, apply final cap in firing position.

March 5th & 6th, Steve Rhoades Memorial World Championship from 1,000 yards.

  1. 60 rounds for score, 3×10 + 3×10 = 60, 30 rounds for score for days 1 & 2 .
  2. All Categories Unlimited Sighters with Spotter/Scorer
  3. One hour relays for two shooters plus one 3 minute preparation period.
  4. Muzzle loaders may snap caps and load barrel during preparation period.

March 7th, day three Steve Rhoades Memorial World Championship 1,000 yards is the last 20 rounds for score of the 80 round aggregate match.

  1. 2 x 10 = 20 rounds for score, 2 relays alternating shooters. No spotter, no coach.  Scorer only all categories.  Shooter must declare when going for score.
  2. First shot to hit paper is first sighter, 3 sighters only, all 3 categories.
  3. 45 minute relays for two shooters with one 3 minute preparation period.
  4. Pair firing permitted, Muzzle Loaders may snap caps and load barrel during preparation period. Muzzle loaders may cap loaded rifle only when in firing position.  No sighter conversions.

March 8th, for .22 Long Rifle Chambered Rifles with .22 Long Rifle Ammunition only.   

  1. All shooting from the 200 yard line. Two 10 shot relays each target = 60 shots total, 20 scoring shots each distance maximum 3 sighter shots each ten shot string.  Two shooters to target and firing point. 
  2. 45 minutes each relay with one 3 minute preparation period for each of two shooters alternating. Shooter 1 ten shots for score then shooter 2 ten shots for score.  Pit change.  Then shooter two ten shots for score then shooter 1 ten shots for score.
  3. Standard Mid Range 200 yard target at 200 yards with reduced size targets to simulate visual differences at 300 & 600 yards all fired from 200 yards.
  4. Two classes, .22 LR BPTR Rifle and .22 LR Open Rifle, sights iron or scope.
  5. .22 LR BPTR Rifles cross sticks or wrist rest, .22 LR Open sand bags only.
  6. Walk on shooters shooting the .22 LR Match only pay $35.00 in cash U.S. funds correct change at match and are exempt the $50.00 administration fee. 48 maximum total entries.

March 9th & 10th, 500 & 600 yards on designated standard Mid Range Targets.

  1. 3 x 10 record shots each distance for 60 shot aggregate. 30 record shots from 500 yards March 9th and 30 record shots from 600 yards March 10th.
  2. One 3 minute preparation period plus 50 minutes for two shooters to complete firing of each 10 record shot strings. Pair firing permitted.
  3. Limit 3 non convertible sighter shots all 3 categories.

March 11th,  is reserved for a weather shoot-over day in the unlikely event of rain in particular or seriously inclement weather any one match day. If more than on day postponed competitors will decide which substitute match will be fired.


NOTE:        On March 10th, Awards and Banquet for competitors upon completion of record  fire with time and place to be announced during the match. For additional Banquet attendees please add $6.00 each with name to your entry form.


NOTE:         March 1st & 2nd, A squadded silhouette match will take place.  40 record shots  each day at the silhouette range immediately West of the 1,000 yard range .                   

Shooting time will be in competitor packet.  Early registration recommended. Space limited.