Finally we have been able to help clear up the registration process.

AZWINS was established to add Long Rang events to the traditional events held in what was the Western National shoot.  The $60.00 online registration for the AZWINS includes in addition to the traditional short range pistol rifle smooth bore and shotgun events  BPCR Silhouette and the Creedmoor match (60 Round Match). Link to 2020 AZWINS Registration Information.

The two additional long  range matches are separate entry fees.

The International match held by the USIMLT Registration is $150.00 and administered by them.  Their registration form is linked below.  (80 Rounds)

The 1000 yard BPCR World Championships is being administered by  AZWINS but it is a separate match with a $115.00 basic fee with formulas for families juniors and such.  That registration form is linked below. (90 Rounds)

A big part of our having made this application process confusing was accidentally using the USIMLT form for the 1000 yard World Championship too.  For those of you who sent our mistaken application form to the USIMLT they are being returned to you.  Please use the newly added correct form and send it to us.

I am so sorry this has happened.  I want this to be an easy process for all of you.  (WJL)

For shotgun competitors only (those who do not participate with other events) the registration fee is $40.00.  (They pay an additional birds thrown fee)

Preregistration Fee Shotgun Only $40.00

All the long range matches are for both BPCR and Muzzleloaders

Hopefully this helps clear up some confusion.  We appreciate everyone’s patience  as we go thorough these learning curves.  We want to make this a good experience for all of you.


If you are wanting to register for the United States International Muzzle Loader Team (USIMLT)  International Match, please click the following link and print the registration form which has all instructions on it. Link to USIMLT International Match Registration. This is a separate registration and payment from the AZWINS registration.

If you are wanting to register for the BPCR 1000 Yard World Championships, please visit the following link for the registration form.  Link to the BPCR 1000 Yard World Championships.

Preregistration Fee 1000 Yard World Championships $115.00

If you would like to register for the AZWINS Match, simply click the PayPal button below and then click “Checkout” and you can register and pay online.

Preregistration fee AZWINS $60

The AZWINS Match Fee includes the Shotgun matches. For those wanting to only shoot Shotgun only the fee is $40.00.