Attention, Critical Program Notice!

After considering all the issues brought on by the Chinese Corona Virus, we need to cancel the 2021 AZWINS as scheduled. 

Currently we do meet the restrictions imposed by Ben Avery.  However, many of our competitors are reporting that they will not travel to attend.  Local shooters are also reluctant. So, since we need 100 registered shooters to break even, we need to cancel the traditional portion of the event.  

The Long Range and BPCR Silhouette events are still going to be held.  In addition, if we get enough interest in the Shotgun event, we will hold those matches as well.  (The administrative costs for those events are much lower and do not require the expensive rental of the Activity Building)  The schedule and rules for the Long Range events can be found under the “Long Range” tab on this website.

The AZWINS committee is committed to keep this event alive and will are prepared to continue in 2022.

Thanks for all your support over the past two years as we have planted the seeds to keep us strong.

Event Information.

In 1992 the NMLRA initiated what was then called the Winter National Shoot (WNS). This was at the request of NMLRA members in not only Arizona, but other western states as well, to have a shooting competition in the west.

A dedicated group convinced the NMLRA to hold the event at The Ben Avery Shooting Facility.

Ben Avery is a world class shooting range built in the 1950’s to hold the shooting events for the Olympics. The Running Boar is one of the ruminants of those games and has been popular with WNS competitors.

The event name was ultimately changed to Western National Shoot and retains the acronym WNS.

There were a variety of Coordinators in the first 8 years.  In 2000, Bill Loughrige was selected to be the Coordinator and has remained so through 2018.

In Spring, 2018 the NMLRA Board of Directors voted to cancel the WNS. This was done without notice to the NMLRA Membership or to the group that had been running the WNS in Arizona.

That group led by Bill Loughrige decided immediately to continue the event as an independent event. Several months of discussions about whether or not the NMLRA was really abandoning the WNS culminated in September, 2018 when the NMLRA Board Of Directors confirmed their abandonment of the event.

The Arizona group chose the name for the event as Arizona Western Independent National Shoot (AZWINS)

We will be sponsored by the Arizona Muzzle Loading Association for insurances purposes.

No membership in any organization will be required to compete.

We have offered to score NMLRA targets for those NMLRA members who want their scores recorded with the NMLRA.  As of yet, we have not heard back from the NMLRA about that possibility.

This is not  an NMLRA effort. It is an effort to maintain a fun Muzzle Loading Competition presence in the West. Once lost it is almost impossible to restart it.

We will offer all the events the WNS offered, they just will not be sanctioned by the NMLRA.

In addition Long Range Matches will be offered including partnerships with other organizations to create a one of a kind experience.