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  1. First my thoughts were that once a shooting event is cancelled, it’s difficult to restart it again.

    The minute the dates Ben Avery allowed us to reserve would have been cancelled others groups would have filled the vacuum mak8ng it impossible for us to restart the WNS in its original form.

    As the coordinator for the WNS SINCE 2000 I saw the meet as a success. We had a steady number of competitors with occasional dip in numbers. While I never received account information directly over the years I people had provided me with the reports. All showed the WNS as being in the black. Appparently there were expenses not captured throughout all those years that made the BOD make the decision they did.

    With the support of at least 30 people we decided to continue an event based on the WNS format.

    No membership in any organization will be required. We are working to make this a fun event. We have partnered with the International long range organization an BPCR to add 1000 yd matches.

    We are just finishing the match schedules and will publish them soon. That includes shotgun.

    We welcome any suggestions and will try to include matches suggested by any of you who have them.

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